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Lemonade & Sour Apple

Lemonade & Wild Cherry

Strawberry & Grape

Watermelon & Cherry

Love Harts Candy

  • Lover Harts are sweets in a variety of fruit flavours.
  • 70VG/30PG
  • Available: 60ml and 120ml bottles
  • Nicotine shots ready

Heisenberg Fruit

One of most popular flavour

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  • Quality over Quantity – because we vape as well.
  • No China import – only UK ingredients.
  • All of our liquids are mixed in the U.K
  • All products are mixed in laboratory grade glass vessles.
  • PG/VG manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry, used by all major food manufacturers and labs.
  • VG USP Grade, Purity 99.8% HQ, PG 99.8 % Purity HQ
  • Our liquid are nicotine shot ready


We offer Quality over Quantity - because We vape as well! We offer comprehensive shop service: product with your logo and packaging


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House of Vape Ltd.
50 Malborough Road, Derby DE 24 8DT
tel. 01332 854413